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Sarasota Boat RepairsSince 2003, Yachts Solutions has been providing the highest quality in Sarasota boat repairs and other marine services. We are a full service marina and boatyard. We aim to give you the best customer service regardless of the size of the vessel that needs repair or the scope of work.

Electrical problems can cause problems for boats. You might end up canceling your trip, becoming uncomfortable while at sea, or have a difficult time returning to the port because of electrical failure. If you suspect or discover any electrical problems, have an expert in Sarasota boat repairs check your boat and have all the necessary electrical repairs done right away.
In case of an emergency, you can perform electrical repairs on your own. Boat repair experts recommend adding a terminal lug kit with different crimp-on terminal lugs and a crimping tool to your basic hand tools. You can get these tools from most hardware and specialty marine stores. You also need electrical tape and watertight sealant, as well as an anti-corrosive marine chemical spray and electrical contact cleaner.
Boat repair experts use handy test equipment to detect electrical problems. The simplest and budget-friendly equipment you can use is the volt-ohm meter. It helps if you know how to do basic electrical tests that can detect the absence and presence of voltage and pinpoint the source of common electrical problems in a boat. The voltmeter can also help you find broken or open connections or wires, a malfunctioning switch, or a short on the cables.
If you want to make sure that all electrical problems are verified and addressed in your boat, seek professional Sarasota boat repairs from Yachts Solutions. We specialize in mechanical and electrical repairs for boats, as well as other repair work like marine coating, fiberglass fabrication, and carpentry. Yachts Solutions is a full service marina and boatyard with services in Sarasota and Bradenton, Florida.
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